McLaren 570S XPipe Race Exhaust System



Following on from our well-documented 675LT Project, the 570S was the next McLaren in the portfolio for us to tackle. At $160,000 less than a 650S, the 570S offers enormous value for money, and along with that a huge amount of untapped potential. The 3.8L Twin Turbo V8 is virtually identical to that of the 650S, leaving a lot of untapped (read:sandbagged) potential.

Working with our research and development partners Johnny Bohmer Racing, builders of the world’s fastest road car (283MPH Standing Mile Ford GT), we tackled this project with the same thoroughness and attention to detail as the 675LT.

Our Performance XPipe Race Exhaust Gives the 570S an absolutely spine tingling sound, unleashing the ultimate howl from this Indycar derived twin turbo V8 engine.

  • Direct Bolt-on Replacement
  • 13lbs Weight, reduction of 9lbs over factory exhaust (22lbs)
  • Includes Titanium Insulated Heat Blanketing


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