McLaren 300 Cell Euro 6 Ultra-High Temp Sport Catalyst Pipes



Made with our  Ultra-High Temp 300 Cell Euro 6 Compliant Core. These cores were tested extensively on a 720S and found to be emissions compliant. A great choice for those who aren’t ready for ECU Tuning just yet.

Our 300 Cell Ultra-High Temp Sport Cat Pipes fit all the current era McLaren Cars and give an absolutely awe inspiring race sound, unleashing the ultimate howl from this Indycar derived twin turbo V8 engine. These catalyst bricks are the same Ultra-High Temp Bricks we supply to Aston Martin Racing, tried and tested in the Ultimate laboratory, and engineered to withstand the most extreme conditions. The same incredible quality you get from well known German engineered parts but at a fraction of the cost. Pops, Crackles and pure raw engine sound. More Smiles Per Mile!

What sets our catalysts & cat deletes for McLaren apart from the competition is the use of the factory correct inlet flange. VelocityAP invested in the tooling to manufacture this exact reproduction of the original equipment parts. A rolled flare does not allow the male section of the turbo outlet flange to seat as effectively, and without this contour, and running as high as 24lbs of boost it risks leaking or blowing out the gasket after hard use with all the associated risks.

Our flanges are a perfect replica of the factory parts, and ensure a perfect fit every time for your peace of mind.

  • Direct Bolt-on Replacement
  • 24lbs Weight, reduction of 9lbs over factory Cat-Pipes (33lbs)
  • 5 Inch (125mm) Diameter Catalyst brick gives excellent emissions scrubbing with enormous airflow
  • Rated at 1600 degrees Celcius
  • Flowbench tested: +112CFM airflow, +33% over stock.
  • Factory inlet flange style
  • Fits with Factory Heat Shielding

FITS ALL MCLAREN MP4-12C, 540, 570S, 570GT, 600LT, 650S, 675LT & P1 MODELS

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