The Ferrari 355, with a 3.4l Flat plane crank V8 producing 375hp, and improved handling over the 348, the 355 is a pure drivers car. As with all naturally aspirated Ferrariā€™s, this V8 has the potential to scream like a race car!



Replacing the stock catalysts with HJS HDPE motorsport catalysts, or de-cat pipes, opens up the sound significantly. On valve open, the silencer is completely bypassed, and the exhaust discharge is merged into a Y pipe, blending the exhaust gases 180 degrees out of phase, resulting in a higher pitched sound. On valve closed, the gases are diverted through a series of chambers, and acoustic fill sections, resulting in a smooth and unobtrusive sound when cruising.

Equal length headers complement the exhaust perfectly, and enrich that F1 scream!



Available in 100 cell, or 200 cell, HJS HDPE motorsport catalysts, or de-cat pipes for optimum sound and performance.

Cross sections

Manifold primaries 41mm, secondaries 57mm.

Rear section, valve open transit quad 57mm, valve closed transit, dual 57mm.

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