Aston Martin DB11 5.3TT V12 ECU Tuning



With Downpipes:

Stock Downpipes:

World’s First ECU Tuning from leading Aston Martin Tuners VelocityAP!! Many hours of work and dollars invested meant we were able to crack the DB11 V12 ECU first!

The DB11 represents the long-awaited update of the Aston Martin V12 drivetrain platform. The 25-Trim Twin Turbo 5.3L V12 packs 600BHP, but is a massively under-rated by the factory and heavily sandbagged to allow for future high performance versions.

VelocityAP invested heavily in developing software solutions for this engine, drawing upon our years of experience with Aston Martin ECU Tuning. 2 Full days of dyno development work produced such a powerful result, we couldn’t stop the car from spinning its wheels on the dyno!!! Consequently, actual power & torque delivery may be even higher than displayed.


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